Jamie Ousley Discography

Sea of Voices

A Sea of Voices – 2012

“I have often considered how I could ‘give back’ with my talents and make a tangible difference in the world with my music. I decided to produce ‘A Sea of Voices,’ with water-inspired compositions, as a not-for-profit project to benefit the environment…Here, I could combine the worlds of diverse faiths and jazz to benefit a common cause that we can all unite behind: care of our planet!”

Read more about A Sea of Voices or purchase the album from CD Baby.

Back Home

Back Home – 2010

Recorded in Osaka, Japan and Miami, this eclectic collection of songs is influenced by bassist-composer Jamie Ousley’s travels around the world. However, the melodic themes and compositions remain true to his home. “I’ve lived away from home for a long time, like so many of us do,” he notes, “but my heart is still there in the mountains of Tennessee, and it’s reflected in my music.”

Read more about Back Home or purchase the album from CD Baby.

O Sorriso Dela – 2008
The jazz piano trio is an ideal setting for creating an intimate musical conversation. The piano, bass, and drums each lend their individual sounds to the collective whole, where the three become one. Bassist and composer Jamie Ousley has chosen this format to feature his original compositions and arrangements in his debut recording O Sorriso Dela.

Read more about O Sorriso Dela or purchase the album from CD Baby.

Recording credits

Jamie Ousley – “Back Home” / TIE Records (Double Bass, Producer)
Peter J. Yanowitch, Wendy Pedersen & Jim Gasior – “Boy Meets Girl” / Miami Jazz Company (Double Bass)

Cheryl Fisher – “Moments Like This” / Catfish (Double Bass)
Mitch Jones – “The War Years” / Ind. (Double Bass)
John Ousley – “A Christmas Gift: Emmanuel” / Ind. ( Bass,  Producer)


Jamie Ousley – “O Sorriso Dela / TIE Records (Double Bass, Producer)
Joe Davidian Trio – “Silent Fire” / Sonic Mirage (Double Bass)
Nicole Henry – “The Very Thought of You” / Banister Records (Double Bass)
Carol Bellantoni – “There and Back Again” / Ind. (Double Bass)

Paulette Dozier – “Over & Over Again” / Ind. (Double Bass)
Juan Areco – “Love in Motion” / Ind. (Double Bass)

Laurence Elder – “Surrounded” / ESC Rec. (Double Bass)
Wendy Pedersen – “ Under the Influence” / Ind. (Double Bass)
Mark Marineau Trio – “Sound and Resonance” / Ind. (Double Bass)

Juan Areco & Friends – “Nouveau String Trio, Vol. 1” / Ind. (Double Bass)
Greg Diaz & the Art of Imagination – “In the Beginning” / Ind. (Bass)
Abaco Music Library – “Jazz Lounge” / Abaco (Double Bass)

University of Miami Concert Jazz Band– “Romances” / Summit Education (Double Bass)

Biltmore – “A Biltmore Christmas” / Ind. (Double Bass)

Dave Morgan – “3D in blue” / Flat Five (Double Bass, Asst. Producer)
University of Miami Wind Ensemble – “Christina’s World” / Albany (Double Bass)

Virginia Tech Jazz Lab – “Feeding Frenzy” / Ind. (Double Bass)

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