O Sorriso Dela (2008)

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The jazz piano trio is an ideal setting for creating an intimate musical conversation. The piano, bass, and drums each lend their individual sounds to the collective whole, where the three become one. Bassist and composer Jamie Ousley has chosen this format to feature his original compositions and arrangements in his debut recording O Sorriso Dela.

A native of Tennessee, Jamie Ousley has been one of the most in-demand bassists on the south Florida jazz scene since he arrived in 1998 to attend graduate school at the University of Miami. It was there he met and began working extensively with Phil Strange, an incredibly accomplished pianist. Phil brought Jamie together with Larry Marshall, an incomparable drummer. From the first note, it was clear that this trio had a magical rapport.

They played throughout south Florida for several years, often for various celebrities, dignitaries, and heads of state, including President Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, and Heidi Klum, until Phil and Larry moved to Japan in 2004. Jamie visited Osaka, Japan in the summer of 2007 and the trio reunited to record Jamie’s new compositions. The result of these successful sessions was O Sorriso Dela.

O Sorriso Dela (Pronounced “Oh So-HEE-so Della” means “Her Smile” in Portuguese) is a collection of six original compositions, a jazz treatment of a classical piece by Edvard Grieg, and a solo bass performance of the “Tennessee Waltz.” The entire recording encompasses influences that span the globe, from Brazil, to Cuba, Japan, New Orleans, Norway, and back to Tennessee.


  1. O Sorriso Dela
  2. Someone
  3. Helen’s Song
  4. TIE Trio
  5. Solveg’s Song
  6. Make It Spicy
  7. Epiphany
  8. Tennessee Waltz
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