A Sea of Voices (2012)

Sea of Voices

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I have often considered how I could “give back” with my talents and make a tangible difference in the world with my music. I decided to produce “A Sea of Voices,” with water-inspired compositions, as a not-for-profit project to benefit the environment. I have also really enjoyed playing jazz concerts in churches over the past few years, a tradition introduced to me by Ira Sullivan.

So, I began searching for an environmental group that I could benefit with my CD sales, which would allow me to perform more jazz concerts in churches as part of my touring. Thus, I found the Sunshine State Interfaith Power and Light organization, whose environmental mission is to mobilize faith communities in Florida to care for creation (www.sunshinestateipl.org).

Here, I could combine the worlds of diverse faiths and jazz to benefit a common cause that we can all unite behind: care of our planet!


  1. Hymn of the Tides
  2. How Deep is the Ocean
  3. Steam
  4. Shenandoah
  5. Rocky Top
  6. Loving Beauty
  7. Swallowed in the Sea
  8. With You
  9. Holy Water
  10. Alfonsina y el Mar
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