“Back Home” Review by Rotcod Zzaj


Jamie Ousley – BACK HOME: Home’s always a cool place to be, & Jamie’s double bass (along with a full crew of excellent players) take you there, without a doubt.  The best (in fact, the only) way to truly dig the vibe he & his band are capable of is with headphones… 11 tracks, 8 of them with full-tilt original energy, are featured in one of the most enjoyable jazz excursions I’ve listened to yet this year (and that’s saying something, ‘coz I’ve listened to a lot of them this year).  Check out the tension-building intro on “A Tune, Sir?“, or the alleycat slink walkin’ bass lines on “This is It!” just an excellent tune… takes me years & years back to when th’ jazz had real meat on it’s bones.  It was the second track in, “Nashvillatino” (another Ousley original) that instantly got my vote for favorite tune, though… there’s a lightness in the playing, as well as in the sound, that will make you play this track over & over again.  High talent, high energy & sheer love of playing get this fine second release my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating… “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is 4.98 [out of 5].  Get more information at www.jamieousley.com Rotcod Zzaj

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